Dr. Jeena Baburaj
Dr. Jeena Baburaj
Oncology Committee

Oncology Committee

Greetings from oncology committee

Chairperson : Dr Jeena Baburaj

Period : 2021--2024

Vision and mission -- make Kerala cervical cancer free

We are working hard to reach the WHO's call for eliminating cervical cancer by 2030. Targets include Vaccinating 90% of girls below 15, 70% of women undergo screening by high performance test at 35 and 45 yrs and 90% of women with cervical disease should get treatment.

We are conducting webinars in KFOG societies and public awareness programs in general population.

Planning to conduct camps after the Pandemic restrictions.

Making arrangements for vaccination and HPV tests.

If we all work together we can eliminate cervical cancer well before 2030