Affiliated Clubs

Affiliated Clubs

OBG Club Palakkad

Palakkad OBG Club is a small but warm association of 119 members and is a part of Trissur O&G society. The club was formed in 1996 with Dr CS Warrier as the 1st president and Dr Pamila Ramaswamy as the 1st secretary.From then the club was taken forward by many stalwarts. We the members of Palakkad club owe to Dr KG Kammath ,as from 1997 to 2020 he was doing all the backstage work to keep the club active.In January 2021 the responsibility of the club activities was handed over to Dr Emy Globin and Dr Swapna CS as the president and secretary respectively by the former president Dr Krishnanunni and former secretary Dr Divya Nair.

The main activities of the club in the preceding years was monthly academic meeting and workshops . It also joined hands with IMA, TOGS, KFOG for various social, cultural and academic activities.

This year the club is buzzing with activities. The lockdown has not hampered the spirits of the club , instead it has unlocked the hidden potential of many. Various CME’s, panel discussions, seminars have been conducted on virtual platform. Updates on corona in pregnancy series was very well received by all , and have managed to complete 2 sessions successfully. Friday snippets is the much awaited activity by all and is being conducted religiously every week in the form of quiz . The winners of the quiz is declared every week and awarded too!! The whatsapp platform is always active with discussions regarding difficult or challenging and rare case scenarios.

The extracurricular activities of all the members and their family members is encouraged and incorporated while celebrating various national and international themes/days. Social activities including various awareness classes , free camps, live interactive sessions are organized by the club itself and in association with TOGS and KFOG.