The Obstetric and Gynaecological Society of Calicut

The Obstetric and Gynaecological society of Calicut was started by Prof. M. Thankam in 1962 and was affiliated to the federation of obstetric and Gynecological societies of India in the year 1964. The Obstetric and gynaecological society of Calicut was the second society in Kerala, first being the Kerala Obstetric and gynaecological society, now the Trivandrum society.

Prof. Thankam was the Founder President of Calicut society and madam was continuously elected as the president of the society for 22 years thereafter Clinical meetings and symposia were conducted regularly by the society in the past and since the members of the society were from Kannur in the north to Ernakulam in the south, meetings were held at Kannur, Thalassery, Badagara and Palghat.

Dr.Essie De Sasson, Dr. MB Jubilee,Dr.Mary Joseph and Dr PT Rajamma and C.Annapoorna were the secretaries of calicut society during the early period.

Dr. AK Sarada, DR. EK Vargheese, Dr.S.Bhadran, Dr. PK Sekharan, Dr.V.Rajasekharan Nair, Dr NS Sreedevi, Dr VK Chellamma, Dr.N Umadevi, DR T.Narayanan, Dr Sumangaladevi, Dr. S .Vinayachandran, Dr . Beena Guhan were the presidents after Prof . Thankam.