Trivandrum Obstetric and Gynaecological Society

The Trivandrum Obstetrics and Gynecological society was born in 1958 as the Kerala O&G society, the first of its kind in Kerala. It was later renamed TROGS as the number of societies and clubs grew.

Dr Kalyanikutty amma and Dr Ponnamma put form to this society and meetings those days saw the likes of Dr Krishna Menon, Dr Prema Naidu , Dr Purandhare and Dr NKR Rajan take the stage as speakers. These meetings would be largely organized when they came over as examiners.

Much like the PG teaching sessions we have now, the society had arranged for master classes by these experts and as was the norm those days, post graduates used to even travel to Madras to hear and see Dr Krishna Menon in action !

Dr V Rajasekharan Nair reminiscences of the days as the Secretary of the society from 1972-1978 – the audio visual aid used then was a 16 mm slide projector ! The second AKCOG was proudly hosted by the Trivandrum society and was fortunate to have four more to follow.

The society flourished and was steered to great heights by so many stalwarts Dr M Subhadra Nair, Dr K Lalitha to name a few. It became a registered society by 2003 and today boasts of more than 250 members with active monthly meetings, a yearly CME IMPACT with Dr Suja John memorial oration and a teaching programe RECAP. The society also prides itself on its adolescent health activities.

When the KFOG was formed , the society was only too happy to hold hands with the Federation and has grown in strength over the years.

A society with a history of over 62 years and a robust membership, we are proud to be TROGsians !